The impact of haulroad geometric parameters on open pit mine strip ratio

Abstract The aim of the study was to analyze the impact on the strip ratio (SR) through varying haul road geometric parameters in two types of deposits, namely one with a steeper dip and a second one with a more equidimensional horizontal behavior. The SRs and the overall slope angle were compared with a base scenario, where the results show an increase in the SR when: (a) the width of the haul roads was increased; (b) the longitudinal grade of the road was decreased; and (c) switchbacks were added. The increase in the longitudinal grade of 2% was considered the best-case scenario, resulting in 1.08% decrease in the SR for the horizontal deposit and in a 4.15% decrease for the vertical one. It was also noticed that the SR variations are inversely proportional to the overall slope angle variations, illustrating the important role that the geometric design of the haul roads has in the return on capital.