The importance of embracing parents of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder

Abstract Objective This work aimed to evaluate the results of a training offered to members of an embracing team for parents who had a child diagnosed with ASD. Methods This is an exploratory research with a qualitative approach. Members of a team responsible for embracing at Associação Norte Mineira de Apoio ao Autista/ANDA received a training composed of three modules. A questionnaire was applied to the participants before and after the training. Results We observed that prior to training participants were vulnerable to emotional involvement with the work to be developed, and after the training, participants emphasized the importance of orienting parents to seek qualified professionals and the importance of having a multidisciplinary team following the child. The listening was also reported before and after training. Conclusion The training promoted the participants awareness on the importance of developing the cognitive, psychomotor and attitudinal aspects at parents embracement. Additional interventions are still necessary to ensure greater awareness, as well to improve the skills acquired.