The number of burr holes and use of a drain do not interfere with surgical results of chronic subdural hematomas

ABSTRACT Burr hole evacuation has been the most frequently-used procedure for the treatment of chronic subdural hematomas (CSDH). Objective: To evaluate whether the use of a drain and/or the number of burr holes for treatment of CSDH modifies the rates of recurrence and complications. Methods: A retrospective review of 142 patients operated on because of CSDH, between 2006 and 2015, analyzing recurrence and complications of the use of one or two burr holes with or without the use of a drain. Results: Thirty-seven patients had bilateral CSDH (26%) and 105 (73.9%) patients had unilateral CSDH. Twenty-two (59.4%) patients were given a drain and 15 (40.6%) were not. A total number of recurrences occurred in 22 (15.5%) patients and the total number of complications was in six (4.2%) patients. Mean follow-up time was 7.67 months. Conclusions: The number of burr holes and the use of the drain did not alter the rates of recurrence and complications in the treatment of CSDH.