The ontological approach of Davis' social identity and the positions of other authors in the recent Economics

Abstract: Unlike Akerlof and Kranton for whom social identities are formed by eigenimages built by social categories, of March who considers as synonyms identities and social roles, of Sen and of Kirman and Teschl who reference the existence of only social and personal identities, Davis defines three categories of identities: social, individual and personal. Davis defines social identity with the ontological construction of a socialized individual and consists of cognitive and institutional aspects. The aim of this paper is to present the ontological approach of the individual in the Economics through the concept of social identity John B. Davis and its differentiation with the approaches of other authors who also work the question of identity in the Economics, such as Akerlof and Kranton, March, Sen, Kirman and Teschl. It is considered that Davis's contributions ontologically grounded in the individual are superior to those of other authors of the recent Economics.