The role of bioethics in animal ethics commissions

Abstract Guidelines for the use of animals as experimental models transposed bioethics area focusing on the legal area, wich brought the benefit of standardization of physical and biological parameters, focused on animal welfare, but added bureaucratic and legal demands that occupied a reflection and discussion previously aimed at resolving ethical conflicts. This quantitative study aimed to characterize the opinion of members, coordinators and collaborators of ethics committees on how the use of Brazilian animals relates to those committees functioning. The 114 participants demonstrated adherence to the legislation but they pointed to an increase in potentially solving conflicts in the sphere of Bioethics. Although Bioethics has been identified as important for the proper functioning of committees, it has been defined in an unsatisfactory manner, evidencing the need to resume its role of guiding deliberations. This conclusion indicates the need to incorporate members with training in bioethics, invest in the frequent training of the collegiate and researchers involved in animal experimentation. Aprovação CEP-PUCPR 1.800.651