The use of active learning methods in MBA marketing

2019-02-27T02:47:09Z (GMT) by Alexandre Borba Salvador Ana Akemi Ikeda

Abstract This article reports the experience of a single embedded case study that discusses the application of active learning methods. It aims to broaden the understanding of the benefits and the operationalization of planning and applying a combination of active teaching methods in a MBA program and, consequently, offering rich information for professors and researchers. The case studied took place between the second half of 2015 and the end of 2017 in the Marketing course of an MBA program. The information was collected in fourteen classes of a subject with eight meetings. The classes involved PBL (problem-based learning), case discussion session, group project (POPBL) and individual assessment. The article presents the operationalization of the methods throughout the course and the observed results highlight their contribution to the achievement of the learning objectives, highlighting evidence of student achievement, the quality of the professor-student relationship, the evaluation of the course, and the professor.