The use of documentary in medical course and a reflection on ethical issues associated with abortion

Abstract The teaching of the humanities in medical education, especially ethics and bioethics, is essential for the future doctor-patient relationship. The use of cinematographic art as a teaching-learning instrument has emerged as an effective and contributory method in this process, as it makes the student more reflective and prepared to deal with the various conflicts of medical practice. This is a descriptive study, with uses a qualitative methodology, applying the thematic analysis technique that aimed to evaluate the use of the film “À Margem do Corpo” as a teaching-learning instrument of medical ethics and also to identify the main ethical issues faced by the students and their positions in front of them. A group of 50 students from the second period of the medical course participated in the study. Four main themes were discussed: vulnerability and reduced autonomy; objection of conscience; dehumanization and neglect in health care; abortion.