Theoretical reflections on foreign language lessons: organizing materials, analyzing contexts and defining paths

ABSTRACT Foreign language lesson planning is a complex process that requires special attention from educators due to the important theoretical reflections related to both pedagogical decisions and the constituent elements of a classroom. In this article we analyze this process and propose a new theoretical framework to guide foreign language lesson planning. Our considerations are theoretically grounded on authors who discuss foreign language course planning (Barbirato & Silva, 2018), foreign language lesson planning (Rozenfeld e Viana, 2006 e Almeida Filho, 1993/2008; 2012), Critical Literacy (Cope; Kalantzis, 2000), and Multiliteracies (Rojo e Mouro, 2012). The main goal of this paper is to develop theoretical considerations about the essential concepts in foreign language teaching and to propose a theoretically oriented lesson structure, seeking to better inform the reflective teaching practices of language educators.