Timing of Permanent Tooth Emergence is Associated with Overweight/Obesity in Children from the Amazon Region

Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between timing of permanent tooth emergence with overweight and obesity in children from Brazilian Amazon region. The studied population consisted of 192 children, 09 to 12 year-old, from public schools at Manaus, Amazonas-Brazil. Clinical examination was performed and the tooth emergence was evaluated according to the number of permanent erupted teeth. Body mass index z-score was calculated. For the statistical analysis ‘Overweight/obese’ group was compared with ‘Normal weight’ group in a case to control ratio 1:2. The t-test based on age was used for means comparison between the groups. A linear regression analysis using age and gender as co-variants was used. The established alpha was 5%. One hundred twenty-seven children were classified as normal weight and 65 were classified as overweight/obese (49 were overweight and 16 were obese). Overweight/obesity condition was associated with the gender, in which boys had a higher chance to present higher weight conditions (OR=1.84; CI 95% 1.06-3.37; p=0.04). The mean number of permanent teeth was higher in the overweight/obesity group (p<0.001). Linear regression analysis demonstrated that nutritional status, gender and age were strongly associated with number of permanent erupted teeth (p<0.05). In conclusion, our study demonstrated that timing of permanent tooth emergence is associated with overweigh/obesity in children from Manaus, Brazil.