Tingui extract in conservation of Nile tilapia

SUMMARY The aim was to evaluate the tingui extract applied previously to slaughter about changes post mortem of Nile tilapia. Were used 72 Nile tilapia with average weight of 527 ± 53 g. The fishes were randomly distributed in 12 boxes of 50 liters each, which were added three solutions according to the treatments, hydroalcoholic tingui extract; aqueous tingui extract and chlorine, forming a completely randomized design with three treatments and four replications. The fishes remained in the boxes for 40 minutes and after this period, were placed in insulated boxes containing ice and water (1:1), for stunning and slaughter. After, the fish were packed in plastic trays containing ice layers. The storage period was 21 days. Were evaluated the rigor mortis, pH, total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) and sensory analysis. The rigor mortis of fishes reached fullness after 14 hours of storage for all treatments. The aqueous tingui extract treatment was the more efficient, preventing the fish suffer changes of pH and BNVT, during the storage by 21 days, besides being better accepted sensorily.