Tobacco use and associated factors among students of a university of Criciúma (SC)

To investigate tobacco use and associated factors among college students at a university in southern Brazil in 2010, we conducted a cross-sectional study using self-reported questionnaires. The sample was divided into two main groups: the Health area and other courses The sample number in each group was divided according to the ratio of the total number of students. Students who composed the sample were selected from the first and last year of each course. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS version 17.0(r). 584 students responded to questionnaires. The prevalence of smoking among students was 8.9%, 4.7% were smokers and 4.2% occasional smokers; 2.6% reported they were former smokers. The average age was 23.0 years (± 9.7), 62.3% were female. Among smokers 49% started smoking on their own and 27.4% under the influence of friends. We observed a significant association between smoking and alcohol use (OR 5.80; 95%CI 1.20-28.01), illicit drugs (OR 42.29; 95%CI 11.45-175.1) and the existence of other relatives who are smokers (OR 4.02; 95%CI 2.05-7.85).The prevalence of smoking found in this study was low. Smoking was significantly associated with student drugs users, consuming alcohol and to have a smoker in the family.