Towards an ethical-responsible linguistic education: reflections on discursive practices in an English language classroom

ABSTRACT Recent studies in Applied Linguistics (AL) have developed a dialogue with Bakhtinian theorizations and the teaching and learning of languages. Such studies agree that language is permeated by discourses that dialogue with themselves, going beyond the concept of language as a simple rigid system of structures that can be analyzed in syntactic, morphological, and phonetic aspects. Following these premises, we aim to discuss, based on the Bakhtinian concepts of subject, dialogism, ideology, centripetal/centrifugal forces, and ethical act, the discursive practices of English language students. To this end, we make use of parts of a lesson based on the video The danger of a single story, by Chimamanda Adichie, which problematizes essentialized truths about the other. Based on the discussion between the empirical material generated and the theoretical framework, we reflect on the importance of the ethical-responsible formation of students in order to answer contemporary educational demands.