Tracheal avulsion in a cat

ABSTRACT: Tracheal avulsion is a condition seen in small animals and occurs as a result of a traumatic incident to the cervical and/or thoracic regions. The aim of this study is to report a case of tracheal avulsion in a cat using imaging examinations for diagnostic investigation. In this report, we examined an eight-month-old male, cat of undefined breed, diagnosed with tracheal avulsion using complementary imaging tests. This diagnosis was confirmed with post-mortem examination. Radiographic examination of the patient’s thorax and a tracheoscopy were performed. These examinations revealed complete discontinuity of the tracheal circumference, the presence of focal and circumscribed dilation of the tracheal lumen and stenosis. The patient quickly died without clinical and surgical intervention. Macroscopic analysis revealed a tracheal diverticulum confirming the findings of the imaging tests. The use of radiographic examinations in conjunction with tracheoscopy was effective at diagnosing this condition.