Trajetória Tecnológica e Sustentabilidade Ambiental na Cadeia de Produção da Carcinicultura no Brasil

posted on 08.05.2019 by Elda Fontinele Tahim, Marlene Nunes Damaceno, Inácio Fernandes de Araújo

Abstract: This paper analyzes the technological route of shrimp farming in Northeast Brazil and their implications or limitations for the adoption of environmentally sustainable innovations. Thus, an extensive empirical research was performed, using secondary data and semi-structured interviews with various agents involved in shrimp farming industry. Therefore, it was possible to identify the profile of this activity based on its development trajectory since the beginning of its production in Brazil. The main results of this study indicate that the technological path of this industry revealed limitations, but also some opportunities for the generation of sustainable innovation, especially at the current stage.