Transcriptome analysis for the restrained stem development of the wheat mutant dms

ABSTRACT: Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) stem development significantly affects grain yield. The dwarf plants (D) of wheat mutant dms was less than 30cm. Here, we were to explore the molecular basis for the restrained stem development of the dwarf plants. The results were reached by compare the young spikes and stems transcriptomes of the tall (T) and D plants of mutant dms. We identified 663 genes highly expressed in stem tips. We identified 997 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in stem tips between T and D, 403 DEGs were significantly related with stem development. Most biological processes in stem tips on dwarf plants were significantly suppressed, such as phytohormone signaling etc. The sequencing analysis results were confirmed by quantitatively analysis the expression profiles of fourteen key DEGs via real-time QRT-PCR. We identified a group genes related to wheat stem development, identified a group DEGs related to the restrained stem development of D plants of dms. The suppressed phytohormone signaling, carbohydrate transport and metabolism were the major causal factors leading to dwarf plants of D. Our dataset provides a useful resource for investigating wheat stem development.