UnB's planning center: historical aspects, structural pathology mapping and intervention proposals

Abstract Durability is the ability of the structure to remain in full conditions of utilization, without presenting showing damage that could compromise partly or totally the use for which it was designed. The construction of SG-10 was based on precast walls in form of "U" and coverage of precast prestressed beams. Since its construction has no record of interventions that have been undertaken in order to prolong its service life. Based on this context, and knowing that the set of General Departments pavilions comprises representative buildings of UnB, this article aimed to assess the condition of the SG-10 concrete structure and map the deterioration levels of the elements and present intervention proposals. As an evaluation method was used the Inspections Guide that includes the GDE/UnB methodology as a basis for quantifying damage. After applying the methodology, it was found that the building needs to undergo an intervention process immediately, once recovery services need to be performed.