Unveiling the Physical Address of the JWST Telescope

The spatial location of the future James Webb Satellite Telescope (JWST), in a position known as the L2 in relation to the Sun-Earth system, direct us to the most celebrated problem in dynamics, which is the three-body problem. In this work we demonstrate the calculation of the JWST position in space, whose launch is expected to occur in 2019. For this purpose, we consider the body restricted problem, studying the movement of large masses moving over mutual gravitational attraction, considering in this case that the third body (JWST) has negligible mass when compared to the others. In addition to making a brief historical interlude, we show the forces involved in calculating the position of the JWST telescope in space and we provide some simplified mathematical expressions for such a Lagrange point. This study involves the problem of central force explored in mechanics, the problem of lagrange points and their locations, explored in astronomy and dynamics of the solar system and Newton's classical gravitation.