Urban space production and spatial processes in Natal: focusing on the Ponta Negra housing estate

2018-12-26T04:25:21Z (GMT) by Felipe Fernandes de Araújo

The paper aims to discuss the spatial processes in the intra-urban space of the Ponta Negra housing estate, in light of the changes that have occurred as a result of the action of the agents who produce the space. We conducted a field research that investigated the change in land use with the increase in the number of tertiary activities, many geared to the tourist demand. We also observed the change in the urban form, with the emergence of multi-family residences and flats, intensifying the high-rise development. The analysis of social content was conducted through interviews with residents. We conclude that a new population has started to arrive which, in the future, can replace the original population of the Ponta Negra housing estate, as they can pay for the high price of land.