Use of Linked Data principles for semantic management of scanned documents

The study addresses the use of the Semantic Web and Linked Data principles proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium for the development of Web application for semantic management of scanned documents. The main goal is to record scanned documents describing them in a way the machine is able to understand and process them, filtering content and assisting us in searching for such documents when a decision-making process is in course. To this end, machine-understandable metadata, created through the use of reference Linked Data ontologies, are associated to documents, creating a knowledge base. To further enrich the process, (semi)automatic mashup of these metadata with data from the new Web of Linked Data is carried out, considerably increasing the scope of the knowledge base and enabling to extract new data related to the content of stored documents from the Web and combine them, without the user making any effort or perceiving the complexity of the whole process.