Users, information consumers, and information service agencies from the marketing perspective

2018-02-14T02:42:17Z (GMT) by Sueli Angélica do AMARAL

Abstract Marketing perspective in the provision of information services involves information providers, information users, and the context of the information environment. It values the business approach to information service provision for society development and increases the visibility of the breadth and comprehensiveness of Information Science application and usage. The objective of this article is to address concepts related to the marketing perspective in the management of these services with emphasis on the information business and market. The theoretical discussion was based on a literature review on the management of information services from the marketing perspective in the context of information science focusing on the studies carried out by Information Marketing Research Group members and on national and international research on this topic, including classic marketing studies. The present study discusses the actions arising from this perspective of management in information service agencies. It was concluded that the theoretical discussion of the concepts related to the marketing perspective contributed to broaden the understanding of users as information consumers, as well as the theoretical principles of marketing that are related to this approach to the management of information service provision.