Validation of Brazilian educational technology for disseminating knowledge on leprosy to adolescents

ABSTRACT Objective: Elaborate and validate an educational technology for adolescents on leprosy, focusing on preventing the disease and reducing stigma. Method: First, a prototype of the educational technology was elaborated and later analyzed by 17 adolescents and 7 researchers’ experts in the leprosy area and educational technologies who answered a questionnaire with questions related to the subject. Subsequently, the technology has been applied to 43 adolescents, and a questionnaire was handed before and after the use of the game, so that questionnaire scores were compared by a Wilcoxon paired test. Results: After the data collection with researchers and adolescents, the answers received descriptive treatment, and the Content Validity Index was calculated, which reached a good level of agreement, with an overall value (0.86), although there were improvements to the technology, based on the perceptions of researchers and adolescents. Conclusions: There was an increase in knowledge about leprosy.