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Vegetative propagation and application of clonal forestry in Brazilian native tree species

posted on 28.11.2018, 02:40 by Carlos André Stuepp, Ivar Wendling, Aloisio Xavier, Katia Christina Zuffellato-Ribas

Abstract: Understanding the mechanisms involved in tree species maturation, related mainly to ontogenetic age effects, has contributed significantly to the vegetative propagation process of Brazilian native tree species, with consequent application of clonal forestry. A number of methodologies has been developed to rescue and vegetatively propagate these species for silvicultural and environmental restoration purposes. However, the types and purposes of propagation, as well as the choice of suitable processes and propagules considering the intended objectives, still need to be better aligned. In addition, there is an evident knowledge gap and great potential regarding the use of native tree species in Brazilian clonal forestry, indicating the need of a greater interaction between studies on the vegetative propagation and vigor of these materials in the field. Therefore, this review aims to help understand the different types of techniques used and their application on the vegetative propagation and clonal forestry of Brazilian native tree species, besides proposing a schematic sequence of the stages involved in these processes for productive and environmental purposes.