Vegetative propagation of raspberry from leafy cuttings

Abstract The study aimed to evaluate rooting of raspberry cultivars from leafy cuttings in two seasons, autumn and winter. The cultivars Schöenmann, Willamette, Heritage, Polana, Indian Summer, Fall Gold, Golden Bliss and Bababerry were evaluated. Assessments were done 90 days after the installation for both seasons, evaluating the following traits: percentage of cuttings with callus; rooted and live cuttings; the longest root length; and dry mass of roots and sprouting. The results showed that is possible to obtain good rooting rates from leafy cuttings of raspberry cultivars in autumn, and regular in winter. The cultivars Bababerry, Schoenmann and Golden Bliss had higher rooting percentage, followed by Heritage, Polana, Willamette and Fallgold. The cultivar Indian Summer had the lower rooting percentage in autumn and winter.