Vetiver growth with different fertilizations in quartzite mining tailings

ABSTRACT The objective of this work was to evaluate the behavior of Vetiveria zizanioides when grown in tailings from quartzite mining. A greenhouse experiment was conducted in a completely randomized experimental design with four replicates. The treatments consisted of five combinations of organic (OF) and mineral fertilization (MF) and an additional treatment of the tailings without OF or MF (control). The combinations were 0%OF/100%MF, 25%OF/75%MF, 50%OF/50%MF, 75%OF/25%MF, and 100%OF/0% MF. The doses of 100% of MF and OF were 0.025 g N, 0.025 g P2O5, 0.020 g K2O, and 5 g of corral manure per kg of quartzite tailings. V. zizanioides responded to MF at the recommended doses of 0.025 g N, 0.025 g P2O5, and 0.020 g K2O per kg of tailings. It is concluded that quartzite tailings form a favorable habitat for V. zizanioides growth, mainly after being altered by MF.