Visibility and altmetric impact of the University of Antioquia researchers: Methodology applicable to universities

Abstract This work is the result of one of the components of a macro investigation, which seeks to develop a Model to identify the degree of linkage of a university with its environment; in this case, it is applied to the University of Antioquia (Medellín-Colombia). This component refers to the visibility and impact of investigators from the perspective and data off ered by altmetrics. To that eff ect, the altmetrics data of 1,032 investigators from six areas of knowledge are reviewed, taking into account diff erent academic, professional and social platforms, as well as an integrating platform of altmetrics indicators. Although this measurement refers to University of Antioquia investigators, the general methodology for data capture and interpretation may be extended to other universities that share the same investigation and scientific communication, and that from the altmetrics wish to identify the visibility and impact of their investigators and the linking of the institution with its environment, and complement in this way, the traditional bibliometric measurements or other measurements of the university environment, such as the Manual of Valencia