Water Flow Evaluation in Eucalyptus and Corymbia Short Logs

ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to evaluate the free and adsorbed water flow in short logs of Eucalyptus urophylla and Corymbia citriodora clones. 40 cm long, short logs were extracted from the base of the trees. Three trees each of C. citriodora and E. urophylla (A and B clones) were used. 27 logs were debarked and dried to achieve stabilization of mass. Free water (FWFR), adsorbed water (AWFR) and total water (TWFR) flow rates, and basic density were calculated. FWFR was greater than TWFR, which was superior to AWFR. The B clone wood showed a higher FWFR value and a lower AWFR value when compared to the other materials. On the other hand, the A clone wood showed a higher TWFR than the other materials. The TWFR was inversely proportional to density.