Wavelet Analysis Applied for the Detection of Cycles and Extreme Rainfall in East of Northeast Brazil

2019-06-05T02:57:01Z (GMT) by Djane Fonseca da Silva

Abstract The current article has aimed to identify cycles of rainfall extremes and their causes through of timescales detected in rainfall series for the capitals of eastern Northeast Brazil. Therefore, was used daily rainfall data from the capitals of the states that make up the eastern NEB with periods in common of 1961-2014 submitted to Morlet wavelet. All capital presented the scale between 1 and 2 years, the range of about 7 years, scale of 11 years and time scale from 20.2 to 22 years. With the application of Wavelet analysis were identified years with events / extreme rainfall and it is supose as climate causes: Seasonality, Interannual variability, ENSO, Dipole Atlantic, Sunspots and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. The strong influence of the Atlantic Ocean and its Dipole was present in all rainfall series of all cities studied.



CC BY 4.0