Why from Didactics the teacher’s education is not favored?

Abstract This essay could also have been titled: “What if teacher training was radically disoriented?” It is part of other broader question: “What if our education and Pedagogy were radically wrong?”. In its content, the authors’ arguments are presented with the aim of expressing possible insufficiencies of teacher training and, therefore, of Didactics, as a science of formation by antonomasia. It is presented the possibility that it prevailed in education and training a general bias towards the outside and consequently a deficit of radical attention, and it is an imperative refocusing completely the teacher training. In the following lines they are condensed over two decades of observations in this regard. From a methodological perspective it will proceed with a dialectical and hermeneutical orientation supported by the “radical and inclusive training approach”, from which critical arguments with a constructive purpose will be offered. After responding to the target, the work offers an alternative model of training, bringing in new development to pedagogical knowledge in a relevant subject for researchers and teaching professionals.