Wide-field angiography for diagnosis and follow-up of Eales disease: a case series

ABSTRACT Wide-field angiography enables assessing peripheral areas with better quality and gives greater deep focus, which improves the image periphery. Some studies have proposed the usefulness of these angiographic systems in inflammatory diseases of the retina. However, few studies have evaluated this technique in Eales disease. We present a case series in which 5 eyes of 3 patients with Eales disease were evaluated by using retinal fluorescein angiography with 30º, 50º, and 150º lenses in a laser-scanning ophthalmoscope. These cases highlight the usefulness of wide-field fluorescein angiography in the diagnosis and follow-up of peripheral ischemic retinal areas in Eales disease, which enables better follow-up than possible with conventional fluorescein angiography images.