Women who decide to have an abortion: What a group of health professionals in colombia think about them?

Abstract This paper presents findings of a qualitative research exploring physicians’ perceptions about women who had an abortion in conditions covered by the Colombian Law (Sentence C-355 of 2006). The research was performed in the Service of Gynecology & Obstetrics in Bogotá-Colombia. The participants were selected according to a theoretical sampling scheme and the sample was determined by data saturation criteria. The data was collected through in-depth interviews and analyzed following a phenomenological approach. The results show the professionals perceive women differently, according to the reason for the pregnancy interruption. They also perceive personal, social and family experiences of these women as outweighing religious beliefs in their choice for an abortion. The socialization of the Colombian Sentence C-355 of 2006 and its related legislation, as well as promotion of strategies to support women’s decisions to abort are also important.