“I am from the countryside… I came to study in Porto Alegre”: memories of sensible experiences in a student residence (1974-1983)

2018-12-19T03:30:41Z (GMT) by Doris Bittencourt Almeida

ABSTRACT Situated within the field of history of education, the study investigates the memories of five women who, as students, lived in the University Student House of Porto Alegre (CEUPA), between 1974 and 1983. Through the methodology of oral history, this investigation seeks to know who they are, their motivations to live in this house, as well as possible traces of the period they lived in this institution left on their educational process. CEUPA is understood as an educational institution, that is, a place that educates young people who live there, considering that learning processes can go beyond formal spaces of education. It is possible to say that the feminine presence in this house represents the expression of women's fight, in past decades, to conquer other spaces in Brazilian society, through the investment in higher education. These narratives that resisted time indicate moving memories and reveal trajectories that, in a certain way, broke feminine models that prevailed at the time. Between disputes and affections, they conquered, although timorously, leadership positions in the house. Among actions of complicity, these women constructed strategies that enabled the exercise of autonomy and solidarity in a context of student coexistence. This research infers that the time they lived in the student residence was a sensible experience in the biographies of these former residents, producing resonances in their trajectories, because, for many of them, it was perhaps the only possibility of permanence in higher education.