2017-12-20T03:10:11Z (GMT) by IVAN DAGOBERTO FAORO

ABSTRACT The new SCS421 Carolina cultivar, belonging to the Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta species, is classified as an Asian pear type or more specifically Japanese pear type. It was obtained from the Kousui x Osanijisseiki crossing made at Epagri / Caçador Experimental Station. Its flowering occurs from the second half of September to mid-October, similarly to Housui cultivar. According to preliminary results, ‘Yali’ and ‘Housui’ may be used as pollinators. The harvest takes place in the first half of February and production is above 20 t / ha. Plants produce more rounded and symmetrical fruits compared to Housui cultivar. The fruit skin is golden, the pulp is crispy, soft, sweet, very juicy and slightly aromatic. Fruits can be stored for up to four months in conventional cold storage. The incidence of scabies and dry branch diseases in the field has not been recorded. It is recommended for cultivation at colder regions of southern Brazil.