“The Flag and The Cross”: educator Maria Junqueira Schmidt’s paths of intellectual trajectory

2017-12-20T02:46:36Z (GMT) by Evelyn de Almeida Orlando

ABSTRACT This article discusses the trajectory of Catholic intellectual and educator Maria Junqueira Schmidt, from the ideas by Sirinelli and Bourdieu. The text highlights not only the disputes and tensions, but also the alliances and mediations around educational projects that have been in course in Brazilian society between the years of 1920 and 1980, and instigate us to think about the feminine presence in the educational field beyond the classrooms. In the case of this particular character, her trajectory gives us clues that her construction as an intellectual came about several ways. Having moved fluidly between Catholic and secular intellectuality, Maria Junqueira represented the interests of the Church in positions she occupied in the State. At the same time, these spaces served as empowerment devices that increasingly supported her professional work as a woman and as a representative of a Catholic intellectual elite.