A Computational Modeling for Semi-Coupled Multiphase Flow in Atmospheric Icing Conditions

2018-12-26T05:32:23Z (GMT) by SungKi Jung

ABSTRACT: A two-dimensional second-order positivity-preserving finite volume upwind scheme is developed for a semi-coupled algorithm involving the air and droplet flow fields in the Eulerian frame, which shares the grid for each phase. Special emphasis is placed on the computational modeling, which is induced from a strongly-coupled algorithm that satisfies the strict hyperbolicity and its numerical scheme based on the Harten-Lax-van Leer-Contact solver preserving the positivity to handle multiphase flow in the Eulerian frame. The proposed modeling associated with the semi-coupled algorithm including the Navier-Stokes and droplet equations takes into account different boundary conditions on the solid surface for each phase. The verification and validation studies show that the new scheme can solve the air and droplet flow fields in fairly good agreement with the exact analytical solutions and experimental data. In particular, it accurately predicted the maximum value of the droplet impingement intensity near the stagnation region and the droplet impingement area.