A New Fifth-Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory for Static Bending and Elastic Buckling of P-FGM Beams

2017-12-27T02:43:46Z (GMT) by S. M. Ghumare A. S. Sayyad

Abstract A new fifth-order shear and normal deformation theory (FOSNDT) is developed for the static bending and elastic buckling analysis of functionally graded beams. The properties of functionally graded material are assumed to vary through the thickness direction according to power-law distribution (P-FGM). The most important feature of the present theory is that it includes the effects of transverse shear and normal deformations. Axial and transverse displacements involve polynomial shape functions to include the effects of transverse shear and normal deformations. A polynomial shape function expanded up to fifth-order in terms of the thickness coordinate is used to account for the effects of transverse shear and normal deformations. The kinematics of the present theory is based on six independent field variables. The theory satisfies the traction free boundary conditions at top and bottom surfaces of the beam without using problem dependent shear correction factor. The closed-form solutions of simply supported FG beams are obtained using Navier’s solution procedure and non-dimensional results are compared with those obtained by using classical beam theory, first order shear deformation theory and other higher order shear deformation theories. It is concluded that the present theory is accurate and efficient in predicting the bending and buckling responses of functionally graded beams.