A Review: Study of Integral Abutment Bridge with Consideration of Soil-Structure Interaction

Abstract Bridges are one of the most critical parts of transportation networks that may suffer damages against earthquakes. Also, seismic responses of most bridges are significantly influenced by soil-structure interaction effects. Taking out expansion joints in the bridges may cause many difficulties in design and analysis due to the complexity of soil-structure interaction and nonlinear behavior. The secondary loads on an IAB include seismic load, temperature variation, creep, shrinkage, backfill pressure on back wall and abutment, all of which cause superstructure length and stress variations in girder changes. The purpose of this study is to recognize the most effective parameters of analysis IABs. Findings show that the backfill material behind the IABs has a significant effect on the performance of IABs. Using a compressible material behind the abutments would enhance the in-service performance of IABs. Finally, behaviour of abutment may be greatly affected by thermal load and soil pressure. Thermal expansion coefficient significantly influences girder axial force, girder bending moment, and pile head/abutment displacement.