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A pedagogy for professional training for Brazilian National Health System (SUS): dialogues with Freire and Saviani

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posted on 2023-07-18, 07:41 authored by Bianca Joana Mattia, Carla Rosane Paz Arruda Teo, Solange Maria Alves

Abstract This study is framed within the context of Brazil’s health reform by proposing a pedagogy for professional training for the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) based on the theories of Paulo Freire and Dermeval Saviani. We conducted a theoretical study drawing on historical and dialectical materialism. In the first moment (thesis), emphasis is given to the empirical, based on reality. In the second moment (antithesis), we draw on the theories of Freire and Saviani focusing on the categories work, conscience and language. In the third moment (synthesis), the concrete is attained through the categories knowledge/content, method and teaching-learning processes. As part of the synthesis, we propose a pedagogy for professional training for the SUS structured around three core elements: basis, method and purpose. It is proposed that the pedagogies of Freire and Saviani provide the underpinnings for a pedagogy for professional training for the SUS.


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