A proposal for parametrization of actions on secondary oral health care

Abstract Background The definition of care parameters is relevant to the implementation of public health actions. Objective Describe a methodologic route for the elaboration of parameters on population coverage and production in endodontics and periodontics. Method Coverage parameters were calculated from the normative needs identified in the epidemiological survey of oral health in Minas Gerais. Production parameters were calculated based on normative requirements, SIA/SUS production data and installed capacity in the services. The analysis was developed in the Complex Samples module of the SPSS Program. Results 6.2% (95% CI 5.2%-7.3%) and 2.9% (CI 95% 2.2%-3.9%) needed endodontic and periodontal treatment, respectively. Both the potential production capacity of the specialized services and the average production recorded in the SIA/SUS were much lower than the overall normative needs of the population. Conclusion Endodontics presented a population coverage and average of procedures greater than that of periodontics. Population coverage parameters can be used to organize services.