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Allometric models to biomass in restoration areas in the Atlantic rain forest

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posted on 07.02.2018, 02:49 by Emanuel José Gomes de Araújo, Gabrielle Hambrecht Loureiro, Carlos Roberto Sanquetta, Mateus Niroh Inoue Sanquetta, Ana Paula Dalla Corte, Sylvio Péllico Netto, Alexandre Behling

ABSTRACT The objective of the study was to present mathematical models and strategies for fitting equations to estimate dry biomass for tree species in forest restoration areas. The presence of outliers was analyzed in each fitted equation using values of the matrix H, leverage points, means of standard and studentized residuals, and of influential points through DFFITS, DFBETAS and COOK distance values. Furthermore, the normality, homoscedasticity and independence of residuals were checked. The accuracy of the fitted equations was evaluated by means of the R2adj., Syx, analysis of residuals, and AIC and BIC criteria. The results showed that the model for estimating dry biomass as a function of the variables Dc2, DBH2, Hc2 and DBH provides the more accurate solution, with Syx = 40.91% and R2adj. = 0.92. We concluded that the performance of this equation improves when adjusted to data stratified by classes of height-diameter ratio, which reduces the value of the estimated error.


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