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BRS A502: an upland rice cultivar for intensive sustainable cropping systems in the Brazilian Cerrado

posted on 20.09.2022, 07:14 authored by Isabela Volpi Furtini, Adriano Pereira de Castro, Mábio Chrisley Lacerda, Flávio Breseghello, Marley Marico Utumi, Austrelino Silveira Filho, José Almeida Pereira, Guilherme Barbosa Abreu, Antonio Carlos Centeno Cordeiro, Nara Regina Gervini Sousa, Daniel de Brito Fragoso, Francisco Pereira Moura Neto, José Manoel Colombari-Filho, Priscilla Zaczuk Bassinello, Valacia Lemes da Silva Lobo

Abstract BRS A502 is an upland rice cultivar with a medium cycle, high resistance to lodging, superior yield potential and grains of excellent industrial and cooking quality. The cultivar is indicated for crop rotation and succession in areas under intensive agriculture in the main field crop regions of Brazil.