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BRS Pampa CL: a new IMI herbicide-resistant premium quality grain irrigated rice cultivar

posted on 20.09.2022, 07:10 authored by Ariano Martins de Magalhães Júnior, Paulo Hideo Nakano Rangel, Paulo Ricardo Reis Fagundes, José Manoel Colombari Filho, Élbio Treicha Cardoso, Flávio Breseghello, Andre Andres, Adriano Pereira de Castro, Cley Donizete Nunes, Giovani Greigh de Brito, Péricles de Carvalho Ferreira Neves, José Francisco da Silva Martins, Giovani Theisen, Marcio Elias Ferreira

Abstract BRS Pampa CL is a rice cultivar developed by Embrapa, recommended for irrigated cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. It shows modern architecture, high tiller ing, early cycle, and tolerance to the imidazolinone herbicide Kifix®. It stands out for its high yield potential and excellent grain quality.