Biopolitics, Education and Resistance in the Contemporary World

2018-10-10T02:46:24Z (GMT) by Leonardo Balbino Mascarenhas

ABSTRACT The present work has two main objectives: first, to examine the ways in which the technologies of power in contemporary capitalism produce forms of subjection and lowering, in life in general and in education in particular. Next, it seeks to analyze the conditions for the production of resistance strategies to biopower. In this way, the aim is to interrogate the present time, using analytical tools that allow to stress the practices instituted in the education field, as well as to put in motion the processes of subjectivation created and experienced there. In this sense, it is important not only to diagnose a certain condition (of the school, of education, of the contemporary world), but above all to cross it with problematizations that may open new possibilities for the construction of existence.



CC BY 4.0