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Challenges and perspectives in research and teaching of host pathogen interaction topics: new post-pandemic times to Brazil and other South American countries

posted on 2023-05-23, 07:01 authored by Marcel I Ramírez, Rita de Cassia Ruiz, Gessilda de Alcantara Nogueira-Melo, Luiz Claudio Miletti, Mauro Cortez, Melyssa Negri, Giuseppe Palmisano, Jorge González

Here is our proposal to improve learning in biomedical sciences for graduate and undergraduate courses with a broad vision integrating disciplines such as molecular cell biology, biochemistry, and biophysics around concepts of pathogen interaction within vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. Our paradigm is based on the possibility offered by the pandemic to have remote activities that give access to students and researchers from different places in Brazil and Latin American countries to discuss science. A multidisciplinary view of host-pathogen interaction allows us to understand better the mechanisms involved in the pathology of diseases, as well as to formulate broad strategies for the diagnosis, treatment, and control of thereof. The approach to integrating heterogeneous groups in science involves the critical analysis of national scientific resource distribution, where only some have the possibilities to conduct competitive scientific research. Solid theoretical training, contact, collaboration with groups of excellence, and training within a multidisciplinary network are our proposals for a permanent platform of scientific strengthening and dissemination for Latin America. Here we will review the concept of host-pathogen interaction, the type of institutions where it is taught and researched, new trends in active teaching methodologies, and the current political context in science.


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