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Chitosan: an overview of its multiple advantages for creating sustainable development poles

posted on 2023-05-20, 07:11 authored by Cristóbal Lárez-Velásquez

Abstract An overview perspective of the potential of chitin and chitosan biopolymers to promote economically and environmentally sustainable development poles, which could be exploited especially in developing countries, is presented. Their following advantages have been considered and briefly outlined: (i) the natural sources of chitin have a wide distribution on the entire planet and are usually accessible as inexpensive waste materials; (ii) the great versatility of these materials, with applications in diverse fields such as agriculture, water treatments, food industry, environment, petroleum, healthcare, energy, technology, etc., with some trials conducted even off-planet; (iii) the production and use of these materials could promote advances in the endogenous capacity of some countries to create own technologies and generate products and applications, basic and advanced, in sensitive sectors, i.e., health services, food, water treatments, etc., in addition to promoting the necessary integration of the academic sector with other sectors such as industry and business.


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