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Computational analysis of thermal insulation in the environment of precast stairs in structural masonry under fire conditions

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posted on 2023-03-18, 07:02 authored by Ellon Bernardes de Assis, Douglas Barreto, Jorge Munaiar Neto

Abstract Lightweight precast concrete stairs can be fastened to the masonry using metal anchors, whose stability depends on the integrity of these discrete anchor points. The stairwell environment plays a vital role in the evacuation of a building in fire conditions, which justifies the study of the behavior of these elements under such conditions. Considering the information above, this work presents a numerical strategy adopted to perform simulations using the ABAQUS computational code in order to better understand the behavior of precast stairs and their anchoring system in structural masonry of concrete in fire conditions. The temperature evolution was determined at the anchor points and in the indented beam of the staircase while facing a standard fire ISO 834-1:1999 only on the opposite side of the wall to which the stairs are fixed. The results show that the temperature rise in the metallic anchor and in the indented beam does not reach levels that impose significant reduction in the steel strength, when the block cavity is grouted, and in the concrete, respectively. These results indicate important aspects in the constructive context of structural masonry systems and fire safety.