Conceptions on mediated learning and relations with indicators of occupational stress

Abstract The mediation of learning is an important process for literacy. Thus, this study analyzed the relationships between conceptions about mediation, personal variables and stress indicators in 36 teachers from the metropolitan region of Vitória, ES. From a protocol and a set of scales, there was quantitative and qualitative treatment of the data. Participants presented basic knowledge about mediation but did not know the theory of the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE). About 40% had a high level of stress. The main stressors were related to the students' involvement and the relationships with the community or institution. There was a negative correlation between stress and satisfaction at work and positive correlation between satisfaction and evocations related to teacher actions as responsible for quality mediation. It is suggested access to theories about mediation of learning and investment in public policies aiming at job satisfaction, a possible mediating variable between conceptions and perceived stress.