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Construction of a magnetic field meter for use in processes of generation and manipulation of pure spin currents

posted on 2023-07-29, 07:03 authored by Wenderson R.F. Silva, Leonardo V. Freitas, Rafael O.R.R. Cunha, Joaquim B.S. Mendes

In this work we present the construction of a magnetic field meter (gaussmeter) with high sensitivity and detection from 1 to 80 mT, consisting of simple electronic components, with a proposal of application in an experimental setup for the generation of pure spin currents through the effect spin Seebeck. Through a USB cable, the device is powered and exchanges data with a computer via communication in C + + language with Arduino Uno, together with a LabVIEW graphical interface. To perform measurements in deep environments, such as inside electromagnets, a Hall probe was developed. The equipment also has an LCD screen. The magnetic field sensor used is the SS49E, with which it was possible to obtain measurements with appropriate resolution and range. The developed gaussmeter was used in the development of an experimental setup for investigations of the spin Seebeck and spin Hall effects, where it was possible to estimate the spin Hall angle for bilayers formed by a platinum (Pt) film grown on a YIG insulating magnetic film. Therefore, the developed gaussmeter has the potential to be used both in teaching and research environments and its main advantage is the low production cost, approximately US$ 22.00.


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