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Consumptive water use of banana under micro irrigation using a soil-water balance approximation

posted on 27.07.2022, 08:19 authored by Marcos S. Campos, Eugenio F. Coelho, Marcelo R. dos Santos, Rafael D. M. Fernandes, Jailson L. Cruz

ABSTRACT DMulching contributes to the maintenance of soil moisture at reasonable levels for crop growth. It influences the crop water demand and irrigation time. The aim of this study was to estimate evapotranspiration and root water uptake by the ‘BRS Princesa’ banana cultivar through a simple approach using some components of soil water balance within the root zone in bare and mulched soil irrigated by drip and micro sprinkler systems. The experimental design was completely randomized in split plots with six replicates. The plots consisted of two irrigation systems (drip and micro sprinkler), the subplots consisted of two soil surface conditions: with and without mulch. The alternative approach for soil water percolation in the soil water balance allowed obtaining ETc under field condition with reasonable accuracy. ETc estimated from the root zone water balance is lower than ETc from FAO Penman-Monteith equation. Root water extraction in the mulched soil under drip irrigation is higher than that under micro sprinkler irrigation.