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Development of an X-ray machine, a Geiger detector and a goniometer of low-cost to study X-rays

posted on 2023-07-22, 07:07 authored by Wenderson R.F. Silva, Jakson M. Fonseca

In this work reports the development of a low-cost X-ray machine for teaching purposes, the acquisition and analysis of radiographs of various objects, as well as the construction of a Geiger-Müller counter and a goniometer, for studies on diffraction and absorption. The equipment consists of reused parts of obsolete electronic devices, requiring only the acquisition of a Geiger-Müller ampoule and some components for the X-ray sensor and the oscillator, used to raise the voltage in the transformer. The entire device can be cost around $250.00. Measurements were taken to characterize the equipment, such as counting the number of emitted X-ray photons. With the equipment, it was possible to obtain radiographs and some studies on X-ray absorption. It was observed that for quantitative analyzes of greater reliability involving diffraction and absorption, it is necessary to replace the alternative ampoule used by a low-cost industrial one, but maintaining all developed structure. Even do not produced the expected results for more precise diffraction and absorption studies, the constructed devices proved to be very efficient for didactic purposes involving X-rays.


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