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Dynamics of borer infestation in atemoya fruit in two production periods

posted on 2023-03-14, 07:51 authored by Adriana Barbosa do Nascimento, Marlon Cristian Toledo Pereira, Patrícia Cristina do Carmo Oliveira, Teresinha Augusta Giustolin, Clarice Diniz Alvarenga

Abstract Cerconota anonella (fruit borer) and Bephratelloides pomorum (seed borer) are the main pests of Annonaceae and knowing their population dynamics is essential to establish their management in orchards of these crops. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of native vegetation on the population of fruit and seed borers in two production seasons in an atemoya orchard in the semiarid region. The study was carried out in a commercial atemoya orchard in Janaúba, MG. The experimental area was divided into two parcels and, in each of them, the distance from the experimental plots to the surrounding vegetation, of approximately 10m, 33m, 57m and 81m, was recorded. The sampling of insects was carried out at different periods, spring and summer, through the collection, every two weeks, of atemoya fruits containing attack signs by the borers. The intensity of infestation of each borer species was determined. The intensity of borer infestation varies between seasons, with fruit borer infestation in summer and seed borer infestation in spring. The distance from the orchard to the adjacent vegetation does not interfere with the infestation intensity of fruit and seed borers.